תמונת הדר של האתר של נורית נבו תטא הילינג

Medicine cards

Medicine cards - Indian cards and Totem maps

Medicine cards of Indian animals offer us another connecting bridge to the inner, ancient, and cosmic wisdom. This is a great way to illustrate our communication with the creation, which results in clear messages, and enable to receive guidance and a new perspective, usually a higher and much more enriching one.


The cards are also used for opening our 9-animal-totem map.

We open a Totem map usually only once in a lifetime, and like the astrological map, it sheds light on our motivational forces, our inherent gifts, the main lesson we came to learn, the internal balance between masculinity and femininity, our connection to earth substances and practicality  and the relation to the spiritual world.The totem reading is an enriching experience, which opens a broader perspective of our lives and enables a useful and practical application of its lesson in our daily life, even years later.


How a meeting is conducted:

The cards could be used as a part of a meeting, where we work with other tools as well. We will draw one card or more, in order to create a greater clarity of the related subject.A meeting of opening the totem map takes approximately an hour and a half, while the person draws the nine cards according to the appearance order in the totem, by their various locations. We analyze and understand each animal, as well as the interaction between the different animals. A map with significant points is detailed, so the person can use it at any time in his life.


Who and when is it meant for?

It's meant for people on a crossroad in their lives, who want to get a broader perspective for a more accurate choice of their next step.

For people who are curious to learn of the different internal layers in themselves in order to focus on meeting their challenges and finding the tools to deal with them.



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